A Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable Workforce

Our deep industry knowledge and relentless pursuit of excellence have earned us the trust of Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and cutting-edge biotech companies. When it comes to the clinical research industry, precision and expertise are paramount. We connect you with skilled professionals who are at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs.

Some of the roles we’ve placed include:

  • Clinical Associate

  • Data Entry Coordinator

  • Global Case Management Associate

  • Medical Publications Managers

  • Pharmacovigilance


Contract Staff: Agility and Expertise Combined

Today's dynamic business landscape presents new opportunities that demand skills and experiences. At McInnisInc., we understand that these resources might not always exist within your organization. Hence, our solution: providing competent contract staff to meet your evolving needs. Not all successful employees need to be permanent; sometimes, the right contract staff can make all the difference.

Vendor Management Services (VMS) & Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC)

We provide comprehensive Vendor Management Services (VMS) for contract employees during their term and transition, ensuring your business runs smoothly without missing a beat. We also ensure Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC), keeping you worry-free from potential legal complications.

Our Approach to Your Clinical Research Staffing Needs

Our services go beyond just providing staff; they cover a broad spectrum to ensure the seamless integration of contract employees into your business:
  • Interviews & Negotiations:

    We handle scheduling interviews, briefing/debriefing candidates, and negotiating pay rates.
  • Background Checks:

    Our team performs comprehensive background checks and drug screening.
  • Legal Documents:

    We manage all necessary legal documents, including offer letters, contracts, and renewals.
  • Financial Administration:

    From payroll to benefits, insurance, legal contracts, invoicing, and expense reimbursements, we've got it covered.
  • Reporting:

    We maintain time tracking and headcount reports.
  • Human Resource Support:

    We provide HR support with optional on-site management.

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