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There are many advantages to utilizing The McInnis Companies to fill your company's open position.  Continue reading to explore some of the most important benefits we can provide for you company.

  • Access a Passive Market: Many of the best candidates for your open position are not actively seeking a new job! They are not posting their resumes on job search websites or applying to job postings. Our recruiters have built a database of professionals and touch base with them periodically to maintain a relationship. This is a huge advantage for you, because your recruiter can reach out to their network and find a candidate that you would not have found if you had tried to fill the job on your own.

  • Saves You Valuable Time: If you have ever attempted to fill a position on your own you know that it is very time consuming. You were likely bombarded with applications from people that were either not qualified at all or were entirely over qualified. Finding the right candidate in a mass of unqualified applicants is a full-time job. Utilizing a recruiter can save you a lot of time, because they do all the leg-work for you. They search their database for the most qualified individuals and pre-screen them to ensure a good fit before presenting them to you.

  • Remain Anonymous - From time-to-time companies find themselves in a hiring process that requires discretion. Perhaps an important member of your staff has given notice and you’re not ready to announce her departure yet. Maybe you have an employee that is not working out, but you need to find a replacement before letting him go. By outsourcing the search to a recruiting firm, you are able to maintain anonymity.

  • Try Before You Buy - Making the right hiring decision can be a challenge when you only have a few opportunities to get to know the candidates.  You don't want to be stuck with an employee who gave a great interview but turned out to be a flop after being hired.  Our temporary-to-permanent placement option allows clients the ability to bring in a candidate as a temporary worker on a trial basis.  If the employee doesn't work out, there is no obligation to keep them and your recruiter can help find a better fit.  If the employee turns out to be a great fit you can hire them permanently.  The best part is that there is no temp-to-perm conversion fee if you've kept the employee as a temporary worker for the required term!

  • Simply The Best – While other recruiting firms race to provide you with a pile of candidates, The McInnis Companies pride ourselves on the philosophy that we’d rather take the time to give you a few thoroughly, pre-screened candidates than flood your desk with a stack of mediocre resumes. Our recruiters will never waste your time of less than the best candidates.

  • It’s All About the Benefits - Many of the best educated and most capable candidates consider benefits, such as health insurance and paid sick time, to be a must have in their job search. If your company does not offer this, you are missing out on quality employees.   The McInnis Companies offer benefits for all of our full-time, temporary and contract W-2 employees.

  • On A (Pay)Roll – When you hire a temporary or contract worker through The McInnis Companies, we handle all of the payroll and HR functions. Plus, the employee is actually employed by us, so there is no need for you to deal with things like workers compensation or payroll taxes.