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Finance Manager for CT Municipality

Employment Type Permanent
Field of Work Accounting/Finance

Finance Manager

Plans, organizes, initiates, and directs comprehensive municipal finance operations.  Responsible for maintaining the Town's system of accounts, general fund, bonded projects fund and other funds, all other general ledger and all subsidary ledgers for each fund and all special funds; develop and mainitain a complete system of internal controls.  Requires the application of professional accounting skills and techniques to a variety of work situations.  Supervision of employees engaged in processing documents, posting payroll and a variety of related duties

Supervision Received: Works under the general direction of the First Selectman and the Board of Finance, in coorperaton with the treasurer.

Supervision Excercised: Supervises Finance Department staff in cooperation with the First Selectman.

Illustrative duties: Assists in planning, organizing, directing, and reviewing budget preparation and execution, payroll administration, accounting and auditing work.

Performs, oversees and coordinates special fund accounting with the general accounting system.

Supervises issuance of checks.

Monitors budgetarty expenditures.

On a timely basis, reviews General Ledger accounts and subsidary ledgers, directs the reconciliation of all bank accounts and reconciles Tax Collector's ledgers.  Prepares trial balances and analysis as required.

Attends monthly meetings of the Board of Finance.  Prepares for the Board of Selectman and the Board of Finance monthly Expense, Encumbance and appropriations report, revenue report, fund status reports, and such other reports as may from time to time be required.

Maintains insurnace, fixed asset, and payroll records.

Plans issuance of Bond Anticipation Notes and Long Term Bonds in coordination with the Board of Seletman, Board of Finance, the Town's Financial Advisor and Bond Attorney to properly meet the financing needs of the Town.

Prepares the Town budget workpapers and related informatioon as requested by the Board of Finance.

Prepares entries and schedules for year-end audit, financial reports and statements, personnel/payroll data for collective bargaining, State and Federal reporting, and miscellaneous requests for data as necessary.  Coordinates the annual financial audit, working closely with the Town Auditors.

Prepares and or supervises the review and verification of complex financial documents, reports and statements, including applications and financial reports relating to State and Federal Grants.

Under the direction of the Board of Finance, maintain the Financial Policy Manual and update as required.  Monitor that the policies and procedures enumerated in the manual are adhered to and recommend corrective actions as neccesary.

Assists with administration of various insurance programs such as medical insurance, liability and property insurance, workers' compensation; work with brokers and agent to acquire quotes; maintain records of medical insurance for employees and retirees.

Take neccesary action to ensure compliance with financial requirements established by law, ordinance or regulation.  Performs related work as required.

Minimum Requirements and Qualifications: A Bachelor's Degree in accounting or a closely related field, with a minumum of five years accounting experience, preferably in a municipality or "not for profit" organization.  A CPA is also stronly desired, as is a Master's in Accounting and prior Auditing experience.

Work Schedule and Hours: This position is based on a twenty-five (25) hour work week, with actual schedule of hours to be determined at the time of hire.

This job description is not, nor is it intended to be, a complete statement of all duties, functions and responsibilities which comprise this position.



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Please provide resume and two (2) letters of reference no later than February 1, 2019