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 Temporary workers are the solution to many staffing needs. Here are just a few ways that companies can benefit from staffing a temporary worker through the Advanced Placement division of The McInnis Companies:

  • Flexibility - Workers when you need them
    • There comes a time for every business when extra staffing is needed, but only for a specific period of time. The need may arise due to increased work load during the holiday season, a permanent employee out on leave or, perhaps, a special project that requires a specific skill or extra hand. Whatever the reason, a temporary worker is the best solution to your short term staffing needs.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice quality
    • A common misconception of temporary workers dictates that employers sacrifice quality work when they hire a temporary employee. This is simply a myth! Temporary workers can be found at many levels of education, experience and skills. Your company can establish the qualifications and requirements. Your recruitment counselor will access our extensive network to find you a candidate that fits your needs.
  • Let us handle the hiring process
    • Your recruitment counselor will handle the entire hiring process for you. They search our existing database, as well as, other industry resources to find prospective candidates based on your specified needs. They screen, pre-interview and narrow down the candidate pool so you get only the best candidates for consideration. Once you decide on the right fit for the position, The McInnis Companies will handle all human resource functions in preparation for their placement with your company.
  • It’s your choice
    • You can have as much or as little involvement as you want in the selection of your temporary worker. Your recruitment counselor will present candidates that they have specifically selected for your staffing needs. You can choose your ideal candidate based on their resume. You can even interview the candidates personally before making a decision. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Avoid ‘hiring remorse’
    • Test out potential candidates for a permanent position by hiring them as a temporary worker. If the candidate turns out to be a good fit, you can convert them to a permanent employee! If they are not a good fit, there is no obligation to keep them in the position.

To learn more about the benefits of utilizing a temporary worker in your business, call us today at 203-878-9392.