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Senior MRI Tech

Employment Type Permanent
Field of Work Clinical/Medical



  • Graduate of approved school of radiology required (two year course)
  • Valid Connecticut X-Ray/MRI Technician license and ARRT registered
  • Minimum eight (8) years experience as an MRI Technician preferred
  • Orthopaedic and/or neurosurgical experience preferred.
  • Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills.


  • Prepares and positions patients for MRI of various parts of the body. Positioning includes setting up equipment (coils, monitoring devices, etc.) and patient in relation to each other to provide best demonstration of body part under study. Is able to lift and position all coils.
  • Screens patients and personnel for any ferrous metal implants or other objects on them including credit cards and all potential missiles. Ensures that no patient/visitor/healthcare worker enters scan room with ferromagnetic objects or contraindicated implants.
  • Based on protocols established by Physicians & MRI Supervisor, selects appropriate pulse sequences from monitoring console for scan procedures. Accurately records all pulse sequences implemented for exam. May recommend changes in protocol or additional instructions to provide additional diagnostic information.
  • Evaluates results of scanning procedure for quality of results and completeness. Manipulates images through use of console keyboard and mouse to display to physician. Using terminal, can select all image display options. Recognizes problems and rectifies with respect to selection made of operation.
  • Photographs images from LCD display using special multi-format laser camera and display on monitor. Processes films, and check images for quality control as to windowing for contrast and proper display format and text.
  • Sends images to PACS system, evaluates exam for completeness, and verifies exam in timely manner. Develops a working knowledge of all PACS capabilities.
  • Performs daily Quality Assurance tests on equipment.
  • Monitoring proper level of cryogens to ensure integrity of magnet.
  • Informs MRI Supervisor or Office Manager and appropriate service personnel of system problems and documents accurately and completely.
  • Seeks advice from appropriate resource when unsure of protocol or policy.
  • Initiates a friendly but respectful relationship with patient.
  • Is responsive to patient’s physical and psychological needs. Informs a patient of delays.
  • Explains all procedures in a clear and concise manner without causing unnecessary anxiety. Listens to and answers patient’s questions with patience and courtesy. If unable to answer questions, finds resource that can.
  • Observes patients conditions and reports any changes to nurse or physician.
  • Starts an intravenous line on patients requiring IV contrast for the MRI examination with consideration to patient’s pain tolerance, anxieties and fears. Monitors patient for contrast reactions and reports any problems promptly to a radiologist, the code team, or both, as indicated.
  • Routinely practices room hygiene. Practices patient care with universal precautions.
  • Is able to with assistance move patients to or from a wheelchair.
  • Learns the processes necessary to maintain accurate and complete records relative to procedure performed.
  • Maintains orderliness and cleanliness of working area.
  • Alerts MRI Supervisor to need for supplies.
  • Edits computer entries for correctness of description, reason for exam and charges for billing in computer system.
  • Follows all HIPAA regulations as instructed.

ADA requirements

  • Has the physical ability to perform job related duties, which may require lifting, bending, stooping, stretching, pulling and pushing.